Monday, November 28, 2011

The ABC's of Me

I'm still trying to get my life back together after this long holiday weekend of Thanksgiving, Anniversary, cycling, going to the beach, putting up Christmas decorations and getting a Christmas tree. I think I'm ready for a long weekend my husband and I have planned for Santa Barbara and it's only Monday! I've seen this on a few other blogs and thought it was cute so here you go:

Animals: None
Bedsize: Queen… I LOVE my bed, and I like to snuggle so it is perfect.
Chores that you hate: I would love to pay someone to do my laundry. I just hate it. But I’ll wash dishes all day long.
Daring: Not so much

Essential start to your day: Coffee and more coffee.
Favorite color: Green, although looking at my house I seem to be liking grey these days.
Gold or Silver: I would say “white gold”.
Height: 5 4, on a good day 

Instruments you play: I played the piano and of course everyone can play the recorder…
Job title: Stay at home mom, formerly Audit Senior Associate
Kids: One for now, but eventually two or three
Love: Coffee, candy, husband, daughter, family, friends, decorating
Mother’s Name: Susan
Nicknames: Al
Overnight hospital stays: Just when I had the baby
Pet peeves: When people don’t put their blinker on when they are driving {hope my husband reads this}
Quote from a movie or tv show: I’m a woman, we don’t remember quotes from movies or t.v.
Right or Lefty: Lefty
Siblings: I have 2 wonderful sisters.
Time you wake up: Usually 6:30
Underwear: Like, do I wear them??
Vegetable you hate: I’m not sure I’ve ever had a vegetable I hate…

What makes you run late: The fact that I have a child

X-Rays You’ve Had: I guess only at the dentist. Knock on wood I haven’t broken a bone.
Yummy food you make: Roasted chicken
Zoo Animal: Baby pandas!

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