Friday, November 18, 2011

Staying Organized

To say I have an "A" type personality would be a serious understatement. One of my many "A" type personality traits would be my need of a calendar and how much I rely on it to keep me organized. I have tried using one on my phone but something about writing down things keeps me more on track. My 2011 calendar was nothing but boring and I'm determined to get something a little prettier to sit on my kitchen counter. I'm trying to decide between these:

2012 pocket planner - wove

2012 Polka Dot Weekly Planner

2012 Elle & Em Planner

2012 weekly planner - waves cover

2012 Red Lines Planner

2 comments: said...

i want one!

Rachael Wynn said...

Hello everyone :)

I have a range of completely customisable planners (both printable and printed) in my shop AllAboutTheHouse - - check them out! Use the coupon '10OFF' for 10% off your first order! I also sell notebooks, recipe books, book of lists and a massive range of printables!


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