Friday, November 4, 2011

Chalk Paint Chairs {part 1}

I love how these chairs turned out, and the best part about them was that I got them for FREE! Yes, I was one of those people loading my car full of chairs picked up from a neighbors front lawn with a nice sign that said FREE. My mom was watching the little one and she left only to return 5 minutes later to inform me that there were some cute chairs that I could refinish that were FREE. Initially I said no, not today but I sat and looked at the little one and said let's go I need those chairs {for what I had no idea but I needed them}! I took 4 chairs and left the table. After my initial experience with Annie Sloans chalk paint, I knew that's what I wanted to use. These chairs had seen better days, but were perfectly distressed in my eyes, perfect condition for chalk paint. 

Here they were before:

After a couple of coats of Graphite chalk paint:

 After I applied the clear wax and dark wax. You can see the dark wax really helps to fill in the grooves that were in the details at the top of the chair. 

I am currently in the process of 1) completing the final two chairs and 2) finishing up recovering the cushions. I was surprised when I took off the first layer of fabric to find not one, but FOUR more layers!

Started off a nice plaid:

Then we moved onto another plaid from I would think the early 90's???

Third layer, a very dirty khaki, which I think was originally a greenish color:

Last but not least a lovely green stripe {definitely disinfected after touching these}:

Finished pictures to come soon!

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