Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY Felt Heart Garland {tutorial}

In honor of Valentine's Day, which isn't my favorite holiday {high expectations can only lead to disappointment}. I still consume way too many candy hearts and wanted to add something a little festive around the house. I've seen similar garlands on Pinterest and Etsy and decided to make my own.

Here is what you will need:
sewing machine
thread {color of your choice}
 10 sheets of pink, white, purple and red felt
large heart template

1} trace heart template on felt color of your choice. I fit 6 small hearts on a sheet and 2 large hearts. I decided to trace small hearts on the light pink, hot pink and red felt and traced the large heart on the purple and white sheets.

2} cut out hearts making sure to cut slightly inside the tracing line so it won't show.

3} I decided to make a pattern so I stacked my hearts in the order I wanted before starting to sew. If you wanted something totally hap-hazard you could omit this step.

4} Using a straight stitch begin sewing horizontally {if you want to hang our hearts like a streamer you can sew vertically down the middle} through the mid-section of the heart. I decided to leave a little room in between hearts. In order to accomplish this I stopped sewing, lifted the foot {make sure needle is up}, pulled a little of the thread and put my second heart under the foot and then began sewing {see pictures below}.

5} Continue with remaining hearts. I had 44 hearts cut which yielded a garland of about 12 feet. 

Hope this adds a little Valentine's festivity to your house!

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