Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Master Bedroom Update

Out master bedroom has been the same since we got married. I registered for this bedding from Pottery Barn and I still love it. I also purchased a bedside table from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago on extreme discount. I still wish I had purchased two as now we have two completely mis-matched side tables and the one I purchased is discontinued.  Just my luck. Our dresser was one of my first DIY projects. My husband had this Ikea dresser from college:

A nice dresser, but not exactly my style. So I had this genius idea of spray painting it black and adding new knobs. 

Not amazing, but not horrible. A new dresser is on the top of my "want to purchase" list. What was really driving me crazy is the fact that we have this really awkward widow right behind our bed. 

WARNING: next picture is awful

Last week while reading Emily A. Clark, I was inspired by a bedroom that she just completed. 


She put drapes behind the bed, genius. I knew that was the solution to my problem. And it looks so much better!

I know it would look even better if I put a valance up over my ugly shade but the drapes will do for now. And in case you were wondering, they are also a super sale purchase from Pottery Barn years ago. I wasn't sure I still liked them but I think they look great behind the bed. All the linens are from Pottery Barn {except for the "S" monogrammed pillow which was made by my mom}. The bed frame is from Williams Sonoma Home which is currently on loan from my husbands' cousin. 

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wow, the drapes look soooooooo good! so smart!

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