Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Home Goals

Did you make goals for the New Year? My husband and I always jot down a few things we would like to accomplish. We tend to categorize them, financial, family, work, house, etc... Maybe if I put my house goals out their for the whole world to see I'll be more likely to follow through with them. So without further ado:

1} Plant a garden that produces vegetables we can eat. We have a great yard with lots of sun and I really want to plant some fruits and veggies this summer. 

2} Organize all the closets. Currently they are in a scary state, especially mine. This is primarily because my closet is actually in my daughters room. Houses built in 1945 were not big on storage for clothes. So there are my clothes, shoes, Christmas decorations and old baby clothes all in the closet. It needs to be organized. 

3} I know I'm jumping way ahead on this one as it probably won't be completed until late this year but I can't wait to turn the baby's room into a toddler room. I really have my heart set on bunk beds. 

Caroline Bunk Bed
Madeline Bunk Bed

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