Monday, August 1, 2011

Monthly Baby Pictures

I finally took Morgan's 7 month baby photos {a few days late}. I wanted to do something fun for the backdrop. I took a look at what wrapping paper I had on hand, and found one that matched perfectly. I found a wall wide enough that I didn't have to cut the wrapping paper. I taped it high enough on the wall that it wouldn't show when I took the photos and continued it down on the floor. I would probably do it on a harder surface next time {this was done on carpet}. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Here are some of the better one's. I think I took about 80 photos just to get these good one's. Some of her expressions were pretty funny.

One good smile.

This is exhausting!

One of my favorites

Babies love to wrinkle wrapping paper!

What she would rather be doing:

I'm not sure why these photos uploaded so blurry {they look totally clear on my computer}. Oh well...

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