Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traveling with A Baby- We Survived!

We had a wonderful trip {trip- yes, vacation- no as my husband would say} to Hawaii with my in-laws and family friends. There were 5 kids under 3 which kept things busy. All kids napped at 1 and were asleep by 7 which was awesome! And we always had a babysitter {thank you aunt brittany, shea and grandma for watching little Morgie}. I had no idea what to bring so I brought everything. Here are a few things to note:

1. Airlines DO NOT charge for carseats, pack-n-plays or strollers. This was nice as I was checking all three!

2. Buy a $10 Gate Check bag for the car seat and throw other stuff in the bag. I also put in some blow up toys, sunscreen, etc... in the bag and it fit perfectly. My bag didn't get too dirty but will probably only last one more trip.

3. Bring a Boppy on the plane with you. This was key to saving my arms. Morgan was an angel on the plane {fell asleep after 5 minutes on the flight and slept the whole way home}!

4. I kept my toys in a plastic bag so I could easily pull them out of my diaper bag and it kept things clean.

5. I used the KidCo tent for the beach. It was wonderful to be able to put her in something that I knew was big enough and comfortable for her. They retail for about $60 but I'm sure it would be something you could borrow from a friend or find on Craigslist.

6. You can take as much breast milk/formula with you through security {they did have to bomb test it, which came back negative}.

7. The portable high chair worked great too. For $18 it was well worth it. It is still a bit big for her but it did the job.

We had a wonderful time and the overall experience was great. Now Drew and I need to start planning that vacation...

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