Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying Something New for 30 days

Have you watched TED talks? I've watched a few, some are better than others. If you haven't it is a site full of talks by some famous and not-so-famous individuals on just about anything and everything. It was brought up in our life group that there was a good one on trying something new for 30 days {in a row}. He mentions taking a picture {for 30 days}, cutting out sugar {for 30 days}, writing a novel {in 30 days}, etc... I wouldn't say that I'm in a rut and need to do something to change things up but I did like the idea of challenging myself to do something for 30 days because 30 days really isn't that long. So I got to thinking, what should I do for 30 days??? And I came up with the not so interesting and probably not so popular thing to do:

I will read the {a} newspaper for 30 days

You see, I used to be surrounded by the news with my previous job, especially business news. I knew what the market was doing, what political events were going on, what company had spectacular earnings. And well now, I feel like I could always tell you the weather. And I kind of miss it. And I don't blame anyone but myself because I sure do read a lot of other things during the day. So here's to my 30 days of reading the news {and not all the bad things that are going on, there are still good things happening out there too}!

If you would like to listen to the TED talk you can find it here.

What are you going to do?

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