Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Burlap Votives

I was in Old Towne Orange last week looking for a painting to do another project when I popped my head in a cute shop and spotted some burlap wrapped votives. They were $7 each which I thought was a pretty good deal but thought it would be a fun easy project that I could probably do for a lot cheaper. I went home and searched for some more to see if I could get them for cheaper online.

Kaboodle.com -$8.50 each

Also found them at thenewgeneralstore.com for $7.50 each

I was still determined that I could make them on my own. I went to JoAnne's and bought some burlap for $3.99/yard {still trying to figure out another project to do with what I have left}. I tried printing it using my printer but had some major jamming issues. So instead I printed the numbers using a font I liked and put it behind the burlap and traced using a Sharpie marker. You really can't tell at all. I then wrapped them around votives that I got from my mom and hot glued them in place. Here is the finished project:

The "4" is cut evenly at the bottom which I think I prefer to the "5" which had extra that I glued under. A quick fix that I can do today.

I'm finishing up a project today that I tried really hard to document all of the steps. Hopefully I can post it later this week.

And in case you want to be really inspired you should check out this coffee table that my friend Brittany just finished.

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