Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer To Do's- The Results

As Labor Day is this weekend, I thought I'd go through my Summer To Do list to see how I fared. Here's my original list:

#1 Paint the patio chair red. I painted one of the two almost two years ago....and never got around to the other.

#2 Organize linen closet. I can still open the door without anything falling out, but we are getting close to that point.

#3 Fix dresser drawer in bedroom dresser. It is Drew's drawer which is probably why I haven't been motivated to fix it sooner.

#4 Have a BBQ at San Onofre.

#5 Read two good books. I admit I'm not a reader but I do enjoy a good Summer read.

#6 Complete redecorating family room.

#7 Paint TV console.

#8 Paint wall in family room.

#9 Take Morgan to swim lessons.

#10 Make some good summer meals.

#11 Mid-week beach days.

#12 Join gym and take classes regularly.

#13 Be better at ironing.

#14 Organize Morgan's clothes by size.

And here are the results:

#1 Patio Chair is still blue- FAIL

#2 Organized linen closet {a couple of times} - SUCCESS

#3 Fixed dresser drawer in bedroom dresser- SUCCESS, until it breaks again

#4 Did not have a BBQ at San Onofre- FAIL {too crowded in the Summer, maybe in October???}

#5 On page 200 something of the Help {started a book} - SUCCESS

#6 Completed redecorating family room- SUCCESS

#7 Did not paint TV console- FAIL

#8 Painted wall in family room- SUCCESS and then moved so I have to paint it back... FAIL

#9 Took Morgan to swim lessons and had a great time - SUCCESS.

#10 Made some good summer meals - SUCCESS.

#11 Definitely had mid-week beach days {like yesterday at Baby Beach}- SUCCESS

#12 Did not join gym and take classes regularly {we were moving, isn't that exercise in and of itself} - FAIL

#13 Was definitely better at ironing, even though Drew would tell you differently- SUCCESS

#14 Organized Morgan's clothes by size and boxed up one's that don't fit her anymore- SUCCESS

9 out of 14, not too bad!

1 comment:

britt said...

my favorite: "#8 Painted wall in family room- SUCCESS and then moved so I have to paint it back... FAIL"

too funny. can't wait to see your new place!

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