Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Dream Kitchen

My husband and I have always wanted to buy an older home and fix it up. We thought we might have been close to having that opportunity a week or so ago but things didn't work out as we had hoped. We weren't in the market for a new home but when we thought something great was out there we had to take a chance. It just wasn't meant to be, but for the couple of weeks that I thought I might have had the opportunity to creating my dream kitchen {well dream kitchen on a budget} I went searching high and low for some great kitchen pictures. 

Aren't these inspiring?

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white and bright kitchen

Apparently I am consistent in what I like:

 1} I love white cabinets 
2} I really want marble 
3} I would love some great pendant lights 
4} Dark floors are a must 
5} Farmhouse sink

2 comments: said...

i agree 100% with your list! so exciting!

Chase Conely said...

What is there about farmhouse sinks that makes you like them, Allison? I think most people are into contemporary designs nowadays, and I rarely see people who still like farmhouse sinks. There are very little differences though. Good luck on building your dream kitchen, btw. :D

Chase Conely

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