Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lemons and Oranges

We moved into our current house in early September and I quickly realized we had two citrus trees in the backyard. I assumed we had limes and lemons based on the overall shape and sizes of the fruit that was growing on the two trees. We are now officially in citrus season which means my trees have fruit that is ready to pick. I went out back early last week to find that I had oranges and lemons growing on the same tree! Yes, two different fruits growing on the same tree. And they both are delicious. It is a great blend of Navel oranges and Meyer lemons!  How is this possible you might be asking yourself, well apparently I have a "fruit salad" fruit tree. A fruit salad tree is a plant that produces a variety of fruits on one tree. To create this tree, multiple cultivars of various fruits are grafted into a single root. You can buy them at most local home improvement stores or nurseries. 

Here is the proof:

Lemon on the left and oranges on the right.

And the tree in all her glory!

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