Monday, December 12, 2011

I need more days in December

This past weekend we had a dinner party, surprise birthday, 1 year old birthday and a baby shower. Not to mention this week I need to put together all the stuff for my little one's 1st birthday, finish Christmas shopping, wrap presents, send Christmas cards,  have girls coming over to decorate cookies, decide what to make for Christmas Eve, the list goes on and on... oh yes and I'm training for a 60 mile bike ride on New Year's Eve. 
All this makes it a little difficult to remember the true meaning of Christmas but I'm trying to have the right heart. We have been so fortunate this year and have been blessed with so many things. We do take the time to give back to those less fortunate and we're trying to teach our child that giving is much more fun than receiving. 
I know I could cut down on what I have going on but the truth is, I like to be busy and I am one of those weird people who thrive when things are busier. So I love all the stuff I have to do but I would love a few more days in December. Mostly do makes a few more fun crafts and think of a few new Christmas traditions that I can start {although I'm convincing myself that I have a few years until I need to really start with the traditions}. So if you have managed to keep your schedule less busy or have a few extra hours to do a fun project I thought these were inspiring {click on image for link}. Maybe next year!

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes
christmas mason jar

Homemade Hot Chocolate
christmas mason jar

Advent Calendars

Pinned Image

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Pinned Image

Gingerbread House

Pinned Image

Holiday Wreath


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