Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting Stripes {tutorial}

I love stripes. My closet is filled with them and my kids always seem to be wearing them too. Why not bring my love of stripes to my downstairs bath? I read a bunch of tutorials online and felt pretty confident that I could do it. Look at these beautiful bathrooms I used for inspiration:

I decided to do a light and dark shade of grey {light grey is Behr - Silver Screen, dark grey is Benjamin Moore - Platinum Grey. Here is a step by step of what I did. 

1. Tape off the room. I'm so glad I covered the entire floor, apparently I'm a messy painter. 

2. The room was painted Sherwin Williams Softer Tan so first step was painting the entire bathroom the lighter grey. 

3. I measured the entire circumference of the bathroom {mine measured 260''}.  You want an even number of stripes to insure you start with a light stripe and end with a dark stripe. Using my total of 260" I decided to make my stripes 10" wide for a total of 26 stripes. 

Note: my stripes are vertical but the same concept is true for horizontal stripes, just measure total height of your wall vs the circumference. 

4. Measure and mark your stripes. I used a long level which made things so much easier and it worked as a great straight edge for marking my lines. This process took a little while but it is crucial in getting even, level stripes. 

5. Tape off your stripes. This is easy but the stripes get kind of trippy to look at once you get going. To make sure I didn't  paint a light stripe dark or visa versa I but at "G" in pencil on all the stripes that were getting painted the dark grey. 

6. Paint away. I did two coats and it turned out great. 

7. Remove your tape and admire your beautiful stripes. 

Here's how it turned out:

Art print is from here in case you were curious. 

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