Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm Back

My last post was in March of last year, and oh so much has happened in my life since then. I guess I should start with why I stopped blogging. I felt like it was taking over my role as a mom. I felt I had to come up with the most original, beautiful, never-seen-on-Pinterest before thoughts and ideas. I was also pregnant at the time {happy to say we welcomed a little boy to our family in September} and it was one more thing weighing me down. Having an 18 month old and being pregnant was exhausting in and of itself.

We also were in between houses. We were renting a darling house in a great neighborhood when we decided to buy a new home in a city nearby and closer to my husband's job {his commute was a little over an hour each day}. The day we put an offer in on the house we received an email from our then landlords that they were going to put the house we were renting up for sale. Only confirmation that us purchasing was exactly what we were supposed to be doing. So with a two week old, a house that I had to move out of and a house I purchased still under construction, we did the only thing anyone else would do in my situation, moved in with my parents. It ended up being a great time for us all {I think}. My parents helped out so much with my two year old while I took care of the baby. I was excited to move into our new house but sad to leave my parents {having dinners made and laundry done was such a blessing}.

Jump forward to the second week in December and we closed escrow on our first house. We totally love it and can't wait to make it our own.

Now that my life seems a little more "permanent" I decided to get back into this thing called blogging. I can't promise a post everyday, maybe not even every week but I'll do my best to bring readers things I hope they'll enjoy!

Here's for more to come,


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