Thursday, January 17, 2013

A bunch of blank walls

Moving into our house has been great, but now I have feel I have so many blank walls that need filling. I don't want to throw up the first thing I see, but these blank walls are killing me. My dream would be to own an original Chagall. We were so lucky as to have gone to the Chagall museum in Niece, France a few years back and I've been in love ever since. I'd take any one of his paintings, but these are wonderful:

So a Chagall is out of my price range and I'm thinking a poster isn't going to do the trick. I digress. Here are a few other ideas I'm throwing around that are much more economical:

Cute table, lamp and some cubes:

{ok, this might be more expensive than buying a Chagall}

A lovely console table and a nice large mirror:

I'll probably start out with something like this {sans piano}:

And until I decide on exactly what I want I'm sure I'll spend hours upon hours searching Houzz and Pinterest for "blank walls". 

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