Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY Project

I've been busy putting together a baby shower for my husbands' cousin so I haven't been crafting lately. The shower is this weekend and I'm super excited to see how everything turns out. I decided to do a "Children's Book" theme and have tried to carry this through in small details. I'll post some pictures on Monday of the shower. Anyways, now that I'm about done with that I've been on the hunt for what project I want to undertake. Low and behold, I found it today! You can see the full post here from Under the Sycamore. Essentially you turn an old picture into a more modern piece of art using the basic "paint by number" idea. Here is a picture of the one that Ashley Ann did.

I think I'm going to the Goodwill on Sunday to try and find myself a pice of old art.

And here is a few pictures of the baby shower invitation I put together.

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