Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

I remember when Valentine's Day was all about picking out the cutest Valentine's to give class mates, making your Valentine's box the week before with all the doilies you could find, making sure not to give any boy you kind of liked a Valentine that said "I Love You" or "You're Hot" (yes I remember picking out what each Valentine said to each person) and being totally embarrassed in the 5th grade for receiving a very large Hershey's Kiss on my desk from Tim Long. I remember it all...the horrible  and awkward Valentine's Day middle school dances, the "singing" Valentine's that people could anonymously purchase  in which you would be serenaded in the middle of class. It was awful. 

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow and now that I have a husband and daughter whom I love I want to do something special for them. I've been inspired by these special Valentine's ideas:

Nic Nac Noodle

haniela's food and photography

Baked to Perfection

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mrs Desh said...

Ok, you totally took me back. I am still laughing about my visual image of you and Tim Long and the valentine serenade I got in second grade. Mortifying.

I just sent my little sweetie to preschool with heart shaped cookies for decorating and Fun Dip valentines for his classmates (not my choice, btw). Thankfully now you don't have to get the ones that say mushy or flirty things anymore. That used to stress me out too! Great post, thanks for the laugh. :)

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