Friday, February 10, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure {The Bachelor}

Ok, so my guilty pleasure right now is the Bachelor. I know, not Emmy winning television but it is highly entertaining. My husband actually watches it with me {which is only one of the things I love about him}. This season hasn't been amazing but I'm not going to stop watching. I really liked Ben when he was on last season but this season he is getting more and more dull. He still is pretty cute though. 

My least favorite {who apparently he picks} is Courtney. There is just something about this girl that rubs me the wrong way. 

And hope the spoilers are wrong and that he ends up with

Kacie B.



And in case you were wondering, my husband likes Emily. Largely because of her sense of humor. 

That was a pretty good joke about the Chief the other night.  


Do you have any shows that you don't like to admit you watch? I have quite a few and will happily 

admit I'm pretty excited for the Real Housewives of OC season that started on Tuesday. 

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